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New York Wine Expo and Boston Wine Expo


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New York Wine Expo and Boston Wine Expo
The Boston Wine Expo and The New York Wine Expo are sister events, and unlike the way most things tend to go between the two rival Northeastern cities, Boston’s event is bigger than New York’s.

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  • The New York Wine Expo is held in the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, one of the city’s largest event venues. The Expo takes place on a Friday evening, and a Saturday afternoon.

    In 2013, the dates are Friday, March 1st, from 6pm to 10 pm and Saturday March 2nd, from 1p.m. to 5 p.m. (There’s also programming on Sunday, but that’s not open to the public.)

    The centerpiece of the event is a Grand Tasting, in which 150 producers pour samples of some 600 wines. Some of the exhibitors are distributors that specialize in a particular region of the world, and some are wineries.

  • List of wineries at the New York Wine Expo.
  • There are also a few food vendors that exhibit at the expo, which ranges from the more local (Hudson Valley Foie Gras) to the not-so-much (Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute). Although nota bene, food is not close to the primary focus of this event and some attendees complain that there isn’t enough of either food or water to balance the buzz from all that wine.

    Additionally, there are “lifestyle product” vendors that exhibit at the expo, which includes the expected -- stemware, decanters and wine accessories, as well as the tangentially related, like the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, resorts and hotels, as well as tour operators that offer wine-focused tours.

  • List of Lifestyle Product and Food Vendors at the New York Wine Expo
  • Scenes from the 2012 New York Wine Expo Event.
  • The Friday evening Grand Tasting session is slightly cheaper than the Saturday afternoon session. (Friday will run you $85, Saturday $95, both get you a souvenir glass. Of course.)

    There are also a handful of seminars available during the Expo. In 2013, there are two on Friday evening and three on Saturday, and include a Wine 101 seminar with a focus on wine tasting, and seminars that focus on California Pinot Noir, the Finger Lakes Wine Region, and the wine and cheese of Italy. These cost between $25 and $35, and last between 60-90 minutes.

    You can register for a seminar without purchasing a ticket to attend the Grand Tasting, but don’t think this is a back door into the main event: you won’t be able to get into the Grand Tasting if you only register for a seminar.

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