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Food Lover's Guides to Wine Country


Wine tours are a great way to get to know the food scene in an area -- since wine is so dependent on climate and culture, you'll end up learning a great deal about the character of a place and its cuisine as you sip and swirl. And since great wine is almost always accompanied by great food, you'll find plenty to eat a long the way. Here's how to get started on your wine travels.
  1. Wine Tours in New York
  2. Wine Tours in Washington State and Oregon
  3. California Wine Country
  4. Global Wine Touring and Tasting
  5. Beyond Wine: Beer, Spirits, Cocktails and More

Wine Tours in New York

Photo of Finger Lakes Wine Country

New York is home to the oldest wineries in the United States, with touring and tasting opportunities from the Hamptons to Niagara Falls and beyond.

Wine Tours in Washington State and Oregon

Photo of The Red Mountain AVA, Washington

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most innovative in the United States, where smart winemakers combine with ideal climate to produce world class reds and whites.

California Wine Country

Picture of Porter Creek Winery in Sonoma County, California

This is the top wine-producing state in the United States, and wine tourism here is very well developed. In fact, as you travel in other wine regions in the U.S., you'll often hear comparisons (both positive and negative) to California's wineries, especially to those in the Napa Valley.

Global Wine Touring and Tasting

Photo of Germany's Reblands Wine

The wide world of wine tasting includes the "Old World", or Europe, and the New World, which besides the United States, includes Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, and anywhere else wine grapes are grown.

Beyond Wine: Beer, Spirits, Cocktails and More

Photo of Tasmania's Morilla Beer Tasting

If you like to travel to explore the world of drink, it's fun to go beyond wine. From brewery tours to whiskey distilleries to creative cocktails, the possibilities are intoxicating.

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