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Niagara Falls Area Wineries


Niagara Falls Wine: Vist Wineries Near Niagara Falls in New York and Ontario
Picture of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls: Watch the Water, Drink the Wine

Photo by Alison Stein Wellner
There's lots of water in Niagara Falls -- some 3,000 tons of water pounding over both water falls, per second, to be exact -- but there's also plenty of wine in the area, and wineries to visit on both the New York and the Ontario side of the border.

Niagara Falls Winery Overview

When it comes to wineries, as it does to tourism generally, the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls area is more developed than the New York side: there are just 13 wineries in New York state, and eight within New York's Niagara Escarpment AVA, while there are more than 40 on the Ontario side. In fact, the Niagara Escarpment is one of New York's newest wine areas.

New York's Niagara Escarpment Wineries

  • Learn all about this appellation: the topography, the number of growing days, and more.
  • The Niagara Wine Trail map: This map is divided into two wine trails, but there aren't that many wineries, so no reason why you can't just treat it as one. All but one of these wineries are located in Niagara county, many close to the town of Lockport, NY.
  • Limos and Bus Services: this wine trail is definitely a driving proposition from Niagara Falls, so if there's no one in your party who wants to be your designated driver, these companies are the way to go.
  • Finger Lakes wine area: It's at least a day trip, but there's plenty to explore in this not-too-faraway part of New York state.
  • More about New York's wine regions. The Hudson Valley, Long Island and more.

Ontario's Niagara Peninsula

  • Although Ontario's wineries are quite close to Niagara Falls, the wine country is a quiet counterpart to the hustle and bustle of the sometimes hectic Falls. The wineries in this area produce an array of varietals, from chardonnay to shiraz. Most also produce ice wine, a sweet dessert wine that's certainly worth taste.
  • Winery map (PDF): This wine region is divided into two areas, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Niagara Escarpment. They are close together, so you can easily mix and match from the two areas, although either would offer enough variety to keep you busy for a day.
  • Ontario's wine tours: your options include tours by bus, van or rented bicycle.

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