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The Best Burger in the United States

Your Guide to the Best Burgers in the top 10 Cities in the US


Who makes the best burgers in the United States? It's a question that's fiercely debated, as foodies argue about who makes the best burger in their hometown, to say nothing about the entire nation. The best way to answer the "best burger" question? Research it yourself, bite after delicious bite. Here's a guide to the best burger joints in the largest cities in the United States.

1. The Best Burger in New York City

New York City doesn't lack for opinionated people, and this is especially true on the subject of burgers.

2. The Best Burger in Los Angeles

Burgers seem to capture less attention in L.A. -- maybe because many seem to believe the conversation begins and ends with an In-n-Out burger. But if you're looking for more, Gayot.com selects Los Angeles' 10 best burger placesG, including a pick of LA Weekly, Comme Ca. (LA Weekly also liked Simmzy's.)

3. The Best Burger in Chicago

4. The Best Burger in Houston

5. The Best Burger in Phoenix

6. The Best Burger in Philadelphia

8. The Best Burger in Dallas

9. The Best Burger in San Diego

10. The Best Burger in San Jose

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