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Alaska Beer- Fairbanks, Homer and Kenai


Alaska brews some terrific beer. Here's where to find the best brews in Fairbanks, Homer and Kenai.

Silver Gulch Brewery

Silver Gulch Brewery is the country’s northernmost brewery – it’s located in Fox, a mining community about 10 miles north of Fairbanks. This part of Alaska experiences huge swings in terms of length of day – ranging from less than four hours of daylight at winter solstice to more than 21 hours during summer solstice.

Silver Gulch’s beer works well however little or much sunlight is available, though. The brewery offers four beers year round: Copper Creek Amber Ale, Fairbanks Lager, Pick Axe Porter, and a Coldfoot Pilsner Lager, in addition to specialty offerings. The brewpub offers a satisfying and hearty food, from a scotch egg appetizer to an IPA battered fish and chips.

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Homer Brewing Company

On the other side of the state from Silver Gulch you'll find Homer Brewing Company. It's exactly what you’d expect to find in the town of Homer, a stunningly beautiful coastal town that is literally at the end of the road. The brewing company is small, and only produces unfiltered, unpasteurized, cask conditioned ales. Five are available year round, including the signature Broken Birch Bitter, and a handful of specialties. The brewery is open noon to 5p.m., daily, although expect a casual approach to the hours. Homer Brewing Company’s beers are available on tap at these restaurants in Homer, and also at three restaurants in Anchorage (including Humpy’s) and one in Cooper’s Landing on the Kenai Peninsula.

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Kassik's Brewery

Kassik's Brewery is on the Kenai Peninsuala, in a town called Nikiski, north of the town of Kenai. Frank Kassik built the brewery adjacent to his home, so this is a wooded and secluded setting, and this is a tasting room only --no restaurant. But it’s worth the trip, because this is some of the highest quality beer in the state.

In addition to the great beer, the labels are worth a second look as they're Ipretty cheeky – for instance, among the eight year round offerings, there’s Morning Wood IPA -- the label will show you that the pun is fully intended, and a Dolly Varden Nut Brown, whose label carries the slogan “Two jugs are better than one”. Check hours and directions before you go.

While you're in the area, be sure to also check out Kenai River Brewing, in Soldotna.

Plan Your Visit to Kassik's Brewery

  • Address:47160 Spruce Haven St., Kenai, AK
  • Phone:(907)776-4055
  • Web:Kassik's Brewery
  • Brewery tours available every other Friday at 6p.m., occasionally upon request.

More Beer in Alaska

Looking for brews in other parts of the state? Here's where you'll find breweries and places to drink Alaska craft beer around Anchorage and heading towards Denali, including the town of Talkeetna. And if your travels are taking you more to the Southeast, here's where you can find fine beerin Skagway and in Juneau.
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