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Houston BBQ Tours and BBQ Classes
Gerardo's, a spot for Tejano (Texas-Mexican) barbecue

Gerardo's, a spot for Tejano (Texas-Mexican) barbecue

Photo by Alison Stein Wellner
To really delve deeply in Houston’s barbecue scene – and to eat more than you think any one person should – sign up for a barbecue tour of Houston.

Houston’s Culinary Tours, a program of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, take visitors to the hidden-gem restaurants where the city's best chefs eat when they're not in their own kitchens. The five-hour tours have different themes, but one staple is World BBQ, which hits all the highlights of the local scene, from Asian barbecue to Mexican specialties to – of course – brisket. Tours often sell out, and advance booking is a must.

More about Houston's Culinary Tours

  • Tours cost $180, including all food, complimentary beer from local brewery Saint Arnold, and a gift bag.
  • Tours are limited to 16 people
  • Houston Culinary Tour Schedule.
  • FAQs about Houston's Culinary Tours
  • If you want to bring Texas BBQ know-how home with you, Robb Walsh also teaches occasional cooking classes out of his home (and backyard). Check his website for details.

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