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Gatlin's for Brisket
Gatlin's brisket

Gatlin's for Brisket

Photo by Alison Stein Wellner
Debates rage about where to find the best barbecued brisket in Houston, but Gatlin’s has quickly become a major contender, and a local favorite for brisket done just right.

The cozy restaurant, which looks more like a modest house with a large side porch, is an extension of a barbecue catering business that took off. Named the best barbecue restaurant in Houston in 2010, its reputation is such that the lines can be long.

In addition to brisket, sample housemade barbecue sauces, and be sure to get a side of the dirty rice, which has made more than one food critic swoon. The greatest challenge will be to leave room for dessert, which you will want to do, especially if there's any peach cobbler.

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