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TV, Books & Movies for Culinary Travelers

Culinary travel-themed TV shows and movies can inspire you to take a trip, reference and guide books can help you get more out of your travels, and travel-related cookbooks can bring a destination back home with you. Here are reviews and articles on the best in culinary travel media.

"Man v. Food": Travel Ideas
Man v. Food is a popular television show on The Travel Channel, in which host Adam Richman travels the United States in search of the best pig-out foods. It has high potential for culinary travel inspiration.

Culinary Travel Inspiration from "Top Chef"
The television series Top Chef is packed with ideas for culinary travel. Plan to visit Top Chef-related restaurants in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New York and Puerto Rico.

Meet the Chefs You've Seen on TV
You've watched them cook on TV, now get to know celebrity chefs a little better via these interviews and profiles.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
Love him or hate him, chef and author Anthony Bourdain hits some amazing food destinations in his marquee show on the Travel Channel.

Movies to Inspire Foodie Travelers
These movies are all about the food -- and since they take often take place in interesting locations, they're a great source of inspiration for your next foodie trip.

James Beard Foundation Award Winners
The James Beard Foundation Awards are the Academy Awards of the food media business. Browse through the winners for ideas on great books, cookbooks, documentaries and more to add to your media library.

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