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Michelin Starred Restaurants in San Francisco, the Bay Area and Wine Country

Finding Restaurants with Michelin Stars in the Bay Area


The Michelin Guide to San Francisco Restaurants annually ranks selected eateries on a scale of one to three stars. Since most restaurants receive zero stars, it's a mark of quality and of pride for a restaurant to have received even one star. This book defines "San Francisco" broadly, and includes the Bay Area and the nearby wine country of Napa Valley and Sonoma County.

  • In 2012, there are only two three-star restaurants in San Francisco guide, and they are both in Napa Valley: The French Laundry and The Restaurant at Meadowood. See how this changed in 2013 here.
  • More than any other U.S. city, the casual food scene in San Francisco is perhaps the least measurable by Michelin criteria. (Read more commentary on that here.)
  • Learn how Michelin stars are awarded.
  • Learn how Michelin varies from other restaurant rating systems.
  • For details on the San Francisco area's Michelin-starred restaurants, buy the guide book, or simply consult this list of restaurants are Michelin starred in San Francisco, the Bay Area and wine country. From that page, you can also make restaurant reservations via Open Table.

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