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Planning Culinary Travel

Are you planning a culinary trip? Learn the basics of including food, wine, beer and spirits attractions into your itinerary, as well as tips and advice on how to get the most out of foodie vacations.

The Best New Hotels to Dine at in 2013
The best new hotels to stay and dine at in 2013.

Michelin's Three-Star Restaurants in New York City - Part 1
Profiles of restaurants Daniel, Jean Georges and Le Bernardin.

Three Star Michelin Restaurants in New York City - Part 3
Profiles of Eleven Madison Park and Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare.

Montreal Menu Guide
When you're dining out in Montreal, it's helpful to know a few restaurant terms that are used in this Quebecois city. (This is true even if you're very familiar with European French.) From happy hour to ordering coffee, Montreal's excellent restaurants are more user-friendly when you know a few key words and phrases.

How Much Do You Tip at Restaurants? - How Much Money Do You Leave a W…
How much do you tip at restaurants? It's one of the most sensitive issues in culinary travel -- if you leave too little, too much, or in some countries, anything at all, you can cause offense or create a scene. How do you handle the gratuity when you're traveling? Sound off here.

Global Tipping Guide for Restaurants
Tipping is one of the first challenges you'll encounter when you're a traveling foodie. How much tip should you leave for the waiter when you're done with your meal? Tipping practices vary so much around the world, you risk an uncomfortable situation if you get it wrong. Here's a tipping guide so you get it right.

How to Tip in Restaurants in Eastern Europe, Russia and The Baltics
In restaurants, tipping practices vary tremendously around the world. Here's a traveler's guide to to tipping in some popular Eastern and Central European countries, as well as Russia and the Baltics.

What is a Tip or a Gratuity?
In a restaurant a "tip", or a "gratuity", is an amount that you leave for your server in addition to the bill.

How Do I Calculate a Restaurant Tip?
How do you calculate a tip? The amount that you tip depends on your bill. Calculate your tip based on the total before any tax is applied. (This is also a good time to check if there's a service charge, in which case you generally would not leave any additional money.)

The History of Tipping
The word "tip" started to be commonly used for a gratuity around the 1700s in England, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, although Cornell University professor found evidence of a craftsman asking a customer for a "trinkgeld" or "drink money" for an apprentice dating back to 1509, so the practice emerged before its current name.

Michelin Stars, Yelp Reviews, Zagat Reviews Defined
What are "Michelin stars" and how are they awarded? How does Yelp review restaurants? How do Zagat guides work? Definitions for popular food reviewers and an explanation of how they work, including praise and criticism.

What are Michelin Stars?
The term "Michelin Star" is a hallmark of fine dining quality. The guidebook reviews restaurants all over the world, but awards stars to very few restaurants. Here's how it works.

Michelin Starred Restaurants in New York City
The Michelin Guide to New York City restaurants ranks selected eateries on a scale of one to three stars. Since most restaurants receive zero stars, it's a mark of quality and of pride for a restaurant to have received even one star. You can buy the guide book to get the most details on the restaurant, but if you just want to see which...

Michelin Starred Restaurants in San Francisco, the Bay Area and WIne Country
The Michelin Guide to Bay Area restaurants ranks selected eateries on a scale of one to three stars. Since most restaurants receive zero stars, it's a mark of quality and of pride for a restaurant to have received even one star.

Michelin Starred Restaurants in Chicago
The Michelin Guide to Chicago restaurants ranks selected eateries on a scale of one to three stars. Since most restaurants receive zero stars, it's a mark of quality and of pride for a restaurant to have received even one star.

Culinary Travel Defined
What is culinary travel? How is a culinary trip different from all other trips? For the culinary traveler, food and drink are not incidental to the trip, but an important part of travel.

How to Taste Wine
Prepare for your winery tour by boning up on the basics of wine tasting.

How to Taste Beer
A guide to get the most out of each beer glass you lift.

Beer Festival Attack Plan
How to get the most out of your next beer festival.

How to Shop at a Farm Market
Here's a survival guide for shopping a farm market.

Top 10 Culinary Travel Activities: Summer 2010
Here are the top 10 culinary experiences for the summer of 2010. Summer is the best time to eat, drink and be merry. The food is fresh, the beer (and wine) are chilled and it's a time to enjoy new taste sensations along with new takes on old favorites.

Pick Your Own Summer Fruit: Tips and Hints
Picking your own summer fruits is one of the best summer culinary activities going -- it's inexpensive, educational and you can end up with a ton of delicious summer fruits and berries! But if you're used to going fruit picking in the Fall, the summer can be a bit different.

How to Survive Long Haul Flights in Coach
While you don't have to travel very far to have a fantastic culinary experience, the fact is that it often takes a very long time to get to the exotic. That much flying is tough on the body, especially in coach, and if you arrive feeling like a wreck, you're not going to have much of an appetite for hitting the culinary scene you've traveled so long to reach. Over the years, I've learned a few tr…

Your Favorite Culinary Travel Blogs
Food and travel have been inspiring writers for as long as there's been writing -- and culinary travel blogs inspire, inform and delight food lovers, wherever their travels take them. Share your favorite blog that covers food and travel here.

Coffee Travel Ideas
I haven't failed to start a morning with a cup of coffee since I was in high school, but there's more to that morning cup of coffee than mere wake-up potential. Why not work in a little coffee tourism on your next culinary travel adventure? From coffee traditions to coffee plantations, there's plenty of ways to take your coffee to go.

Culinary Travel Inspiration from "Top Chef"
The television series Top Chef is packed with ideas for culinary travel. Plan to visit Top Chef-related restaurants in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, New York and Puerto Rico.

What is "Restaurant Week"?
A "Restaurant Week" is an event where a group of restaurants in an area coordinate to offer a set menu for a certain meal, at a fixed price. This price is usually much lower than the price you'd ordinarily pay at a restaurant. Do I need to leave a tip during Restaurant Week? You should definitely tip your server during Restaurant Week at least...

Koreatown Restaurants in Los Angeles, New York, Annandale, Chicago and Toronto
Koreatown, or K-Town, is the part of a city where you'll find many Korean-owned restaurants. There are several Koreatowns throughout North America, where you'll find mouthwatering Korean food. Restaurant resources for Koreatown Los Angeles, New York, Flushing, Chicago, Annandale and Toronto, Canada.

Restaurant Tipping Etiquette: Should You Tip the Owner?
There's nothing quite like eating at a cozy, family-owned restaurant -- especially when the owner, who perhaps even shares a name with the restaurant, serves your food personally. Or maybe it's the chef's spouse, or child, you brings you your meal. It's almost like you're a guest in the chef's home -- until, of course, you're presented with the...

What is an AVA?
All about American Viticultural Areas. What does it means when you see an AVA on a wine bottle?

Avoid Food Poisoning in Your Travels
Food poisoning is a common problem for travelers, especially traveling foodies. Learn what food poisoning is, its many causes, how common it is for travelers, and where to find the best information for treating food poisoning if it happens to you.

Against Trendy Dining
When everyone who cares about the "foodie scene" is clamoring for a reservation, I would rather pick my eye out with a rusty fork than join the tumult.

Three Star Michelin Restaurants in New York City - Part 2
Profiles of restaurants Per Se and Masa.

Michelin Star Restaurants in New York City: 2012
Address book and reservation information for New York City's Three-Star Michelin Restaurants: Daniel, Jean-Georges, Le Bernardin, Masa, Per Se, Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare and Eleven Madison Park.

No 3 Stars for You!
Notable chefs out of the 3-star club, and their restaurants including Joel Robuchon, Gordon Ramsay, David Chang, Mario Batali, Wylie Dufresne, David Bouley and Tom Colicchio.

New York City's Three Michelin Star Restaurants - 2013
The Michelin Guide to New York Restaurants ranks the city's best restaurants each year. In 2013, the top marks went to seven restaurants.

Michelin Stars in San Francisco, 2013
Learn which restaurants earned top honors from Michelin in 2013.

The Best Hotels for Culinary Travelers
Eat (and eat well) where you sleep, with the help of this guide to chef-owned hotels worldwide.

Hotels for Culinary Travelers
Hotel restaurants have not always had the best reputation, but many hotels offer food and drink that's worth sampling, even if you're not staying on property. Here's a list of North American hotels where the food is worth eating.

Michelin Starred Restaurants in the United States
The expression "Michelin-starred chef" is thrown around a lot in food snobbish circles, and if you've ever nodded sagely while not knowing exactly what the snob in question was referring to, here are all the answers that you seek. From the definition of Michelin stars, to how they're awarded, to how they stack up against other food ratings, to...

Holidays in Hotels: Best Food and Drink
Celebrate the season with food and drink and the world's hottest hotels.

More Michelin Stars
Where to find Michelin Star iPhone apps, how to connect with Michelin star information on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, and where to find information about Michelin star guides from Europe and Asia.

Eating Animal Faces
Thoughts on eating beef cheeks, fish cheeks, guanciale, brains.

Top Foods from the Top of the Animal: Dishes Made From Head and Face
Dishes to savor from an animal's neck up

A New Yorker Confronts the Superiority of Montreal's Bagels
A New York bagel lover is confounded by the deliciousness of Montreal bagels.

Bagels Beyond New York: The International History of Bagels
The history of bagels goes far beyond the bounds of New York City.

Why Montreal's Bagels are Better: One Theory
Montreal is about tradition. New York isn't. Is that why Montreal's bagels are better?

Bagels - A Travel Guide
Bagels - A Travel Guide

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