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Hot Chicken Shacks in Nashville

Sample the South's Spiciest Fried Chicken


If someone in Nashville asks you if you’ve ever had “hot chicken,” they’re not talking about heat that comes from an oven. They mean hot, as in off-the-charts spicy. This local variety of fried chicken gets its name from a long bath in a fiery marinade, spicing in the crust and a light coating of a burning hot sauce, which creates the kind of sinus-clearing heat guaranteed to make eyes water, lips swell, and ears turn bright pink. If you love spice, seek out one of the area’s hot chicken shacks for an affordable lunch or a perfect late night snack.
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  1. Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack
  2. Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack Sandwich
  3. Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack Menu
  4. Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish
  5. Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish Interior
  6. Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish Wall Adornment
  7. 400 Degrees
  8. 400 Degrees Counter
  9. Chicken Real
  10. Chicken Real Menu
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