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Food Photos of Central Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Explore Central Market, Lancaster's Historic Food Shopping Locale


In Lancaster, Penn., there's no place better than Central Market to sample traditional Amish country favorite foods, including shoofly pie, chow chow, preserved fruits and vegetables, and more.

This indoor market is housed in a red brick building that was constructed for this exact purpose in 1889, and downtown Lancaster still comes alive on a market day when the weather is fine.

Read a review of Central Market here, including everything you need to know to plan your visit. And have a look through the photos of one of America's most historic farm markets.
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  1. Historic Central Market in Lancaster, PA Picture of Central Market in Lancaster, Penn.
  2. Willow Valley Baked Goods StallPicture of Willow Valley Baked Goods Stall at Lancaster PA Central Market
  3. S. Clyde Weaver Smoked Meats and Cheeses Picture of S.Clyde Weaver stall at Central Market, Lancaster Pa.
  4. Pennsylvania Fudge Company Picture of PA Fudge Company Stall at Lancaster's Central Market
  5. The Springerle House Picture of Springele House in Central Market, Lancaster PA
  6. A Plate of Lemon Springerle by Springerle House Picture of lemon springerle at Central Market in Lancaster Pennyslvania
  7. Produce Stand at Central Market picture of a produce stall at Central Market in Lancaster PA
  8. The Scene in Central Market
  9. Stoltzfus Bakery Picture of Stoltzfus Bakery in Central Market, Lancaster PA
  10. Pickles, Preserves Mustard and Honey on Sale at Stoltzfus Bakery Picture of preserves at Central Market in Lancaster PA
  11. Biscotti from Tessa's at Central Market Picture of Tessa's Biscotti at Central Market
  12. Rafiki's Deli, Part of Central Market's International OfferingsPicture of Rafiki's Deli in Central Market Lancaster Pa
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