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Koreatown - Restaurants in Korea Town

This Korean Enclave in Midtown Manhattan is Packed with great Eats


Photo of Korea Town New York City
Photo by Alison Stein Wellner
Koreatown, which is centered on 32nd Street between 5th and Broadway, is a little slice of Korea in the heart of Manhattan. In this place also known as K-Town, you can have your pick of Korean Barbeque joints (try Shilla at 37 W. 32nd Street), E-Mo (at 2 W 32nd), a tiny restaurant dedicated only to Kim Bab, which is a Korean version of sushi, or a perennial favorite, Han Bat, just a couple of blocks away at 53 W. 35th street. The blog Serious Eats covers Manhattan's Korea Town food scene with loving thoroughness, and mouthwatering food photos.

This is not the only Koreatown in New York City -- in fact, there are more Korean-owned businesses in Manhattan K-Town than there are Koreans who reside here. Another center is in Flushing, Queens, which also has a large Chinese population. There's ongoing foodie debate about which K-Town has better eats, Flushing versus Manhattan.

New York City is home to the second-largest Korean population in the United States, but it's Los Angeles that has the largest Korean population and K-Town. Learn about North America's Koreatowns in Los Angeles, as well as other cities throughout North America, including Washington D.C., Chicago, and Toronto.

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