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Wine Tasting in New York City

NYC's Wineries, Free Wine Tastings and Wine Bars


picture of Astor Wines in New York City

Astor Wines Hosts Free Tastings Regularly

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There are a few wineries in New York City, but there are far more opportunities to taste wine (often for free at wine stores), and to sip wine at sophisticated wine bars.

NYC Wineries

The city's first Dutch settlers planted grapes in Manhattan in the mid-1600s, but you won't find rolling vineyards in the nation's largest city. There are a few wine production facilities, notably:
  • City Winery: a Manhattan wine-production facility, where you can make your own wine (with grapes sourced from many places including New York), take wine-making classes and dine in a wine-focused restaurant. There's a similar concept at Brooklyn Winery.
  • Queens County Farm Museum, in Floral Park, NY: This is the only working historic farm within New York City, and it's recently gotten into the grape-growing and wine business -- which makes it the only commercial vineyard in New York City. Varietals include merlot and chardonnay, which you can buy at the farm store.
  • Kosher wines: there a couple of kosher wineries that have operations in Brooklyn, but these are not tasting facilities. Royal Kedem, one of the nation's best known Kosher wines, has a tasting room in Marlboro, NY, which is some 75 miles from the city, in the Hudson Valley.

NYC Wine Tasting

New York City's wine stores do a terrific job at offering free wine tastings -- surely one of the most inexpensive ways to learn about wine from around the world. Notables include:

NYC Wine Bars

There are wine bars a plenty in New York City, and more opening all the time. Resources to track down a wine bar:
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