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Great food starts with great farms. Here's where you can find reviews of farm and food markets, as well as information and resources on the best markets to visit.
  1. Farm Markets in the US

Seasonal Produce Specials at Mohonk Mountain House
Mohonk Mountain House's midweek special "Seasonal Bounty" package runs throughout the growing and harvest seasons. From Sunday to Thursday at this Hudson Valley, New York resort, fruits in season are celebrated with special foods served throughout the day -- including at the resort's iconic afternoon tea, and at cocktail hour. Take advantage of the list of nearby pick-your-own markets.T

St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Canada
St. Lawrence Market is a must-see destination for foodies visiting Toronto, Canada -- as well as for history buffs. The market building dates to 1845, when it was the Toronto City Hall. In the South market, there are over 50 vendors selling prepared foods, butchers, cheesemongers and so on.

Shopping a Shanghai Food Market
Shopping in a typical Shanghai food market is not like visiting your average supermarket! Explore the huge variety of exotic fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, bean curd products and more at this typical city market.

Apple Picking Guide
Fall is the season for apple picking, and many orchards all around the United States open their doors and let you in to help with the harvest. This is not only fun way to get outdoors before the weather turns too cold, but an affordable way to get a lot fruit. Here's where to pick apples in the prime apple growing regions of the US: Washington, New York, Michigan, Virginia California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Visit Central Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Explore Traditional Amish Food
Lancaster PA's historic Central Market is a great place to sample traditional Amish country favorite foods, including shoofly pie, chow chow, spicy lemonade and more. The Pennsylvania Dutch shun prepared foods, so you'll find plenty of delicious homemade baked goods, canned and preserved fruits and vegetables and hearty ready-to-eat snack options.

Review of Borough Market in London
Borough Market is the place for Londoners to fill their market baskets, but it’s also terrific for the culinary traveler, since there’s much to nibble on as you explore. Get to know traditional British food.

Jean-Talon Market in Montreal
Here's the low-down one of the nicest (and most European) farm markets in North America.

St. Lawrence Market in Toronto
If you're visiting Toronto for a weekend, be sure to stop by the city's premier food market.

How to Shop at a Farm Market
Here's a survival guide for shopping a farm market.

The Spice Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey
The Spice Market in Istanbul, also known as Misir Çarsisi, is the place to buy spices, dried fruits and nuts, tea and candy, all in quantities of your choosing

Los Angeles Farm Markets
A handy day-by-day guide to farm markets in the Los Angeles area.

Visit the Nizwa Souk in Oman
A food market that still caters to locals, in the heart of Oman.

Philadelphia Italian Market
The 9th Street Italian Market in Philadelphia is the oldest and longest running outdoor Italian market in the country. It definitely feels like a place apart -- in some ways, it oddly reminded me of outdoor markets in China. But while there are Asian markets at this market, it's Italian food that dominates, whether it's cannoli, meatballs and...

Urban Agriculture Defined
What exactly is "urban agriculture"?

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