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Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, Paris


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Galeries Lafayette Gourmet: Food Shopping in Paris
Spice isle at Galeries Lafayette, Paris
corsinet/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
Galeries Lafayette Gourmet in Paris is a one-stop foodie destination, especially if you're in the city for a quick trip or otherwise pressed for time. It's a great place for travelers in search of foodie souvenirs, since you can buy many Paris specialties here -- Jean-Paul Hevin chocolates, Mariage Freres tea. But this is not a tourist trap -- Parisians account for about 60% of the clientele, which is why you'll also find supermarket basics here, like milk, eggs and produce.

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet stocks over 10,000 products, 70% of which are French. In true department store fashion, the store sells its own products, but it also houses additional locations of locally popular restaurants and brands -- for instance celebrated chocolatier and pastry-maker Sadaharu Aoki has a counter here.

  • Plan your visit to Galeries Lafayette, learn about its history and shopping opportunities in other departments. Note: the store's official website is in French.
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