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Honolulu Chinatown

Take a Photo Tour of Oahu's Chinatown


Add a walking tour through Honolulu's Chinatown to your list of things to do in Oahu. Sample delicious dim sum and other Asian delicacies at restaurants and market stands, while experiencing an important part of Hawaii's cultural history.

Honolulu Chinatown's History

Hawaii has long been home to a significant Chinese population, which arrived in the mid to late 1800s to work the sugar plantations. Chinatown emerged in Honolulu in 1860, as Chinese Hawaiians left the sugar plantations and turned to other employment. Two fires devastated the neighborhood; it was rebuilt both times. Today, the neighborhood is pan-Asian: in addition to Chinese businesses, you'll find flavors from the Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam and so on.

Plan Your Visit to Honolulu's Chinatown

Honolulu Chinatown Events

  • First Fridays: Chinatown is home to a growing number of art galleries, which open their doors to the public on the first Friday of each month.
  • Chinese New Year: A two week celebration in January/February.
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Photo of Maunakea Market in Honolulu's ChinatownMaunakea Market in Honolulu ChinatownPicture of lunch at Maunakea Market, Honolulu ChinatownMaunkea Market for a Chinatown Lunch in Honolulu Picture of Mei Sum's Original LocationMei Sum Dim Sum in Honolulu's ChinatownPicture of Char Siu House, Honolulu ChinatownChar Siu House in Honolulu Chinatown
Photo of Char Siu Meat at Char Siu House, Honolulu ChinatownChar Siu Meat at Char Siu House, HonoluluPicture of Char Hung SutChar Hung Sut Picture of Oahu Market, Honolulu ChinatownOahu Market, The Oldest Market in Honolulu ChinatownPicture of povi masima, or corned beef, for sale in Honolulu's Oahu MarketPovi Masima, or Samoan Corned Beef, at Oahu Market
Photo of Kekaulike Market in Honolulu ChinatownKekaulike Market in Honolulu ChinatownPhoto of Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery, Honolulu Sing Cheong Yuan Chinese Bakery in Honolulu Chinatown
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