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Wine Festivals 2011-2012


Wine Festivals and Wine Tasting Experiences
Man tasting wine at Old Town Harvest Festival.
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Wine Festival Basics

A wine festival offers a convenient way to taste a lot of different wine in one place, and to get to know the people who are involved with winemaking. It's an experience that you can only approximate when you visit a wine region, because you'll either have to drive to wineries, or be driven around -- an activity that certainly has its charms, but cuts down on the amount of wine you can physically consume on an hour-by-hour basis.

There are two general types of wine festivals: festivals in a specific wine region, and those that happen where a lot of wine drinkers congregate. Although there are exceptions, wine festivals in wine country tend to focus on wines produced in the area, whereas wine festivals held in major destinations tend to pour a variety of wines from many different regions.

  • Learn what it's like at a wine festival dinner.
  • Finding Wine Festivals

    There are wine festivals and wine-tasting experiences each month, either as stand-alone events, or as part of a food festival or event. You can plan your food travels around these festivals, or just check to see whether one will be happening in a destination you're already visiting. Here's where you'll find month-by-month guides to the best wine festivals in the United States.

    Notable Wine Festivals in the United States:

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