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Bocuse D'Or 2013: Global Cooking Competition

The Most Prestigious Cooking Competition in the World


The Bocuse D'Or is an international cooking competition which occurs every two years in Lyons, France.It's considered the world's most prestigious cooking contest. The next event is set for January 29th-30th, 2013.

Named for legendary French chef Paul Bocuse, when Bocuse D'Or launched in 1987, it initiated the era of live cooking competitions. It is certainly the forerunner of television shows like Iron Chef and Top Chef.

Each chef represents his or her country, and works with a team to create a meat dish and a fish dish, that are judged by a panel of elite chef judges on quality and presentation. In the event of a tie, other factors are considered, including teamwork. A gold, silver and bronze medal is awarded, and to date, no American chef has ever won a medal.

Bocuse D'Or Semifinals

In 2008, the Bocuse D'Or introduced semifinal competitions. In 2012, there will be semifinal competitions in Europe,the USA, Asia, and in 2011 in Copa Azteca in Latin America.

Bocuse D'Or 2013

  • Official Site for Bocuse D'Or 2013.
  • Bocuse D'Or 2011

  • The event took place on January 22nd-26th,2011. Team USA finished in 10th place. Results here.
  • The USA was represented by James Kent, sous chef of New York's Eleven Madison Park. Kent went to culinary school at Rhode Island's Johnson and Wales University. Read more about Kent's preparation for the competition.
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