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Your September 2012 Fall Culinary Events Calendar


September 2012 - Fall Culinary Travel Events Calendar - Page 2

  • Great American Beer Festival, in Denver, Colorado.
    For beer lovers, this event is sheer heaven. One ounce at a time, sample approximately 2,000 craft beers from more than 400 U.S. breweries from all across the United States. Part of the Denver Beer Fest.

  • SalsaFest, in Safford, Arizona.This annual celebration of restaurants, chile growers and tortilla makers that are the area's Salsa Trail includes a salsa making contest, marketplace, cooking demonstrations, chili roasting, a jalapeño & salsa eating competition -- and hot air balloons.

  • Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
    This event has been moved to October.
  • The Vendy Awards, in Flushing, Queens.A very popular afternoon cook-off between the best sidewalk vendors (also known as street carts or food carts) in New York City. Read more.

  • Miami International Wine Fair , in Miami, Florida.
    At Florida's largest wine tasting event, sample more than 1,500 wines from 20 countries as you stroll around 65,000 square feet of convention space. Wine seminars also available.
    Location and information: Miami Beach Convention Center. Buy tickets online, or call (866) 887 -WINE.

  • Wild About Game, at The Resort at the Mountain , Mt. Hood, Oregon.
    This annual event is hosted by Nicky USA, a distributor of game birds and meats. Nearby Portland's top chefs demonstrate their abilities with meats like rabbit, fallow venison, elk, quail, and participate in cookoffs. There's also a marketplace and a game buffet dinner.

  • Norsk Hostfest Scandinavian Festival, in Minot, North Dakota.
    The largest Scandinavian festival in the country features a huge array of Scandinavian specialties, including lutefisk, a white fish cured in lye, lefse, a Norwegian flatbread, aebelskivers, a spherical Danish pancake, and more.

  • Virginia Wine Festival offers several festivals in the year, with the major event in September. More than 400 wines from around the world are poured, with representation from Virginia's own wineries.
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