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The Best Winter-to-Spring Food and Wine Events - March 2013

Your March 2013 Winter Culinary Events Calendar


March 2013 - Winter/Spring Culinary Travel Events Calendar

Is March part of winter, or is it spring? This transitional month between the seasons is a good time to start gearing up for spring's promise and summer's bounty, and there are plenty of foodie events to help you along the way. Here's the best of March 2013's food festivals, wine events and beer events, as well as events with a special culinary focus.

Food Festivals

  • BB&T Charleston Food + Wine Festival, in Charleston, South Carolina.
    A well-thought out food festival that taps the local food scene (think seminars with local sommeliers and events highlight local Gullah culinary traditions) as well as drawing international chef firepower.
    Read more about wine festival basics and notable wine festivals to experience.

  • Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, in Melbourne, Australia.
    In a world-class food city comes a terrific culinary festival, drawing local and international cooking talent. The event includes cooking classes, a street food fair, and the world's longest lunch, which refers to the length of the table, luckily, rather than length of time.

  • Hilton Head Island Food & Wine Festival, in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
    Celebrate the concentration of food aficionados on Hilton Head, with an international wine competition, tastings, cooking demonstrations and more.

    Specialty Events

  • Annual National Fiery Foods & Barbecue Show, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    Just as it sounds, this show is dedicated to people who like their food smokin' hot, with more than one thousand hot products available for the sampling and purchase.

  • Yuma Lettuce Days, in Yuma, Arizona.
    This event used to be held in January but has now been moved to March. In this celebration the "winter lettuce capital of the world" celebrates the veggie, with what is billed as the world's largest salad bar, farm tours and more.

    Wine Events

  • New York Wine Expo, in New York City.
    A huge wine event for both the trade and the public, this event features wine seminars, a chance to interact with nearly 200 winemakers from around the world, and samples of nearly 600 wines at the event's Grand Tasting.

  • Savor Sonoma, in Sonoma Valley, California.
    A barrel tasting which takes place at hosting wineries throughout Sonoma Valley, each pairing its wines with the creations of local chefs.

  • Cincinnati Wine Festival, in Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Grand tastings, winery dinners and more at this festival which features wines from around the world.

  • Red, White & Snow, in Park City, Utah.
    Raise funds for the National Ability Center, which is dedicated to helping people with disabilities enjoy outdoor sports and recreation. The wine-focused event features vintner dinners, and a gala dinner, with participating wineries hailing mostly from California.

    Beer Events

  • Great Arizona Beer Festival, in Tempe Arizona.
    This festival features more than 100 specialty beers and microbrewsfrom all around the United States, with a special focus on the Southwest.

  • Myrtle Beach Beer Fest, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
    Sample more than 100 beers, with a heavy focus on microbrews, in the Myrtle Beach Market Common.

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