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The Best Belgian Chocolate Shops Travel Guide

Belgium's chocolate shops for travelers


Belgium is world-renown for its high quality chocolates, a tradition that started when chocolate was first introduced to Europe in the early 17th century, according to the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate.

Belgium's notorious colonization of the African Congo led to a steady supply of cocoa beans. In 1912, a Brussels chocolatier named Jean Neuhaus invented the "praline" -- he used couverture, a coating chocolate, to surround a variety of fillings, nuts, fruit preserves, creams and so on. (These are not to be confused with pralines in the US South, which are a pecan candy.) Neuhaus' wife invented a praline package called the ballotin, and the business took off.

Today, the glory of touring Belgium's chocolate shops lies in sampling the many different flavor combinations that result from chocolatiers creativity. Belgium produces 172,000 tons of chocolate per year with 2,000 chocolate shops, so culinary travelers, pack your sweet tooth!

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    Food photo of Del Rey's chocolate covered cherryDel Rey Chocolate's Sublime Chocolate Covered Cherryfood photo of Del Rey's Antwerp Belgian chocolate storeDel Rey Chocolatefood photo of Del Rey's Belgian chocolate displayDel Rey Belgian Chocolate DisplayFood pic of Château Blanc Belgian ChocolateChâteau Blanc Chocolates
    Food photo of Belgian Chocolatier Stephan Dumon's Shop in Bruges Chocolatier Dumon - Stephan Dumon Chocolates food photo of Bruges Chocolate Shaped Like BreastsChocoladehuisjePicture of Belgian Chocolate Shop The Chocolate Line in BrugesThe Chocolate LineFood photo of Belgian chocolate-dipped oranges in the window of Depla, Bruges.Depla Pol Chocolates
    photo of Leonidas Chocolate Shop in Bruges, BelgiumLeonidas Chocolates photo of Chocolaterie t' Begijntje Chocolate Shop in Bruges, BelgiumChocolaterie t' Begijntje photo of Galler Chocolate Shop in Bruges, BelgiumGaller Chocolate photo of Planete Chocolate Shop in Brussels, BelgiumPlanète Chocolat
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