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Whether you're looking for a few tasty treats, or you're planning to stock your at-home kitchen, a little (or a lot!) of culinary shopping will add to your trip. Here are articles, advice and resources on great gourmet food shops and more.
  1. Foodie Shopping in Holland

The Best Belgian Chocolate Shops Travel Guide
Belgium has 2,000 chocolate shops and is world-renown for its high quality chocolates, especially its "pralines".

Fabulous Food Shops in Paris
The only thing better than eating in Paris? Shopping for provisions to recreate your favorite meal once you're back home.

Le Grand Epicerie Paris, Gourmet Shopping at Le Bon Marche Department Store
La Grand Epicerie is the food hall of Le Bon Marche, a venerable Paris department store.

Books for Cooks -- Cookbook Store in London
This famous Notting Hill bookstore has an international reputation among food-lovers. If it's a cookbook in English, you'll likely find it here.

The Warther Knife Factory in Dover, Ohio
Plan a visit to a factory (and museum) dedicated to the creation of high-carbon steel kitchen knives for over 100 years.

How to Shop for Gourmet Food
Don't get intimidated by a gourmet food store! Here's what you need to know to shop like a pro.

Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, Paris
Galeries Lafayette Gourmet in Paris is a one-stop foodie destination. This department store is great for tourists, but primarily caters to Parisians. Grab a good (and affordable) meal, ranging from a casual bite to more formal dining.

Paris Macaron Shops, Chocolatiers and Chocolate Shops and Sweets
Paris has many fine macaron, chocolate and sweet shops. Here's where to find your best sugar fix.

Food on Your Shirt
Food On Your Shirt in Calgary Canada makes witty t-shirts for foodies

Gourmet Shopping in Paris, France
Gourmet shopping in Paris, France is not only one of the best ways to taste the city's best food -- it's also a great way to tour the town. Here are pictures of great food shops to visit on your next Paris trip.

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