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Food Lover's Guides to Cities, Countries & the World!


When you're traveling to a top destination, you need a food guide -- to lead you to the best restaurants, help you make the best choices on the menu, direct you to the best street food, food markets, food stores, cooking schools and more.

Whether you're traveling for vacation or business, if you're the type of traveler who wants to eat something you can find no place else -- or no where else quite as good, here's where to start.
  1. New York
  2. New England and Mid-Atlantic
  3. The Midwest & Mountain West
  4. Food Lover's Guides to California and Hawaii
  1. The South
  2. Global Food Travel Guides: Canada
  3. Global Food Travel Guides: Europe
  4. Foodie's Guides to Asia, Australia and More

New York

NYC's Giant Bagels

New York City is still the culinary capital of the United States -- if only because of its sheer density of celebrity chefs and celebrated restaurants -- and there's plenty of deliciousness to devour both in the city and in the state.

New England and Mid-Atlantic

The Providence Hot Dog

From pastoral farm land (and delicious farm markets) to sophisticated urban bistros, plan your foodie trip to the Eastern seaboard.

The Midwest & Mountain West

Photo of El Charro, Tucson, Arizona

From heartland cities to desert landscapes, and from apres ski to viva Las Vegas, the nation's middle and mountainous states will keep any foodie busy eating for a long, long time.

Food Lover's Guides to California and Hawaii

Photo of Taro Fields on Kauai

Follow your own manifest destiny to California's amazing food scene...or head to Hawaii to sample one of the country's most fascinating fusion cuisines, in some of the most stunning settings you'll find anywhere.

The South

Picture of Brennan's Bananas Foster

Home to some of the most decadent food in the world, as well as the most sophisticated, the Southern United States is filled with can't-miss culinary destinations.

Global Food Travel Guides: Canada

Picture of Carousel Bakery Toronto

Globetrotting foodies, get your passport ready! It's a big world out there, filled with an incredible diversity of flavors and cooking styles. There's a whole world of flavor to explore if you visit our neighbors to the north.

Global Food Travel Guides: Europe

Photo of Belgian Frites

The "Old Country" is packed with tastes both traditional and new...from the best gourmet shops in Paris, to frites in Belgium, to sausage almost everywhere, traveling around the European continent is a food education in itself.

Foodie's Guides to Asia, Australia and More

Photo of Cantonese Noodles at T'ang Court Shanghai

These are long hauls from the United States, but for foodies, totally worth the trip! The reward for the journey is a plunge into a totally different food culture which will leave you with memories you'll not soon forget.

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