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Culinary Travel Destinations

Explore a destination's special dishes and drinks, and its best culinary attractions, including authentic restaurants, farm markets, cooking schools, gourmet stores and more. Here are articles and resources to help you plan your foodie trips.
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Best Food Travel Destinations
A guide to the best food travel destinations in the United States and internationally. What to eat, which food markets and food stores to hit, food tours to sign up for and more.

Travel Ideas by Cuisine
What's your favorite cuisine? Why not plan your culinary travels around it? Whether it's ethnic or regional cuisine that you can't resist, or a particular type of food or drink that you adore, here's where you'll find ideas for planning culinary travel around flavors you already know you love -- or ones that you'd like to learn more about.

Hotels with Gourmet Pet Menus
More pet-friendly hotels are offering traveling dogs and cats gourmet pet food options -- which means that the phrase "culinary travelers" now includes pets! Here are hotels that cater to the sophisticated tastes of their cat and dog guests.

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