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Gourmet Shopping in Paris, France

A Photo Tour for Food Shoppers in Paris, France


Gourmet shopping in Paris, France is not only one of the best ways to taste the city's best food, and snag some edible souvenirs -- it's also a great way to tour the town.

Come along for a photo tour of some of Paris' most enjoyable food shopping experiences. You'll find everything from high-concept food that's almost as haute as the city's fashion to serious cookware shops where image is nothing and functionality is everything. If you're pressed for time, the food departments of Paris' venerable department stores, especially Galeries Lafayette Gourmet and Le Grande Epicerie, can serve as one-stop-shopping on their own.

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Fauchon, ParisFauchon in Paris: Long Gourmet History, Modern Design Flair Picture of La Maison de Miel, a Honey Shop in ParisLa Maison du Miel, a Honey Shop in ParisPicture of E. Dehillerin in ParisE. Dehillerin, Cookware Shop in Paris Picture of La Bovida in ParisLa Bovida, Cookware Shop in Paris
Picture of Muriel Grateau, ParisMuriel Grateau, Parisian Tableware on the Left BankPicture of Le Bon Marche in ParisLa Grand Épicerie at Le Bon Marche in ParisPictore of Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, InteriorGaleries Lafayette Gourmet, Paris Photo of Macaron on display at Ladurée in ParisLadurée Macaron Shops in Paris
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